Mübin Orhon


Untitled-Oil on Canvas

Mübin Orhan/ 1924 İstanbul – 1981 Paris

Mübin Orhon graduated from the Department of Finance of the Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara University in 1947. He went to Paris for a PH.D. in Economics but decided to engage in painting. Having settled in Paris in 1948, the painter pursued an idea of a free-flowing painting within the context of “search for freedom”, the dominant school of the period. The plastic satisfaction he seeks in painting is the reason for the innovation and tension that manifests itself in constant violations of boundaries. The dynamic stains of abstract images have a mystic depth with the colour and composition properties building up their own integrity. The abstract stains forming a certain centre of density on the canvas create a dynamic and pulsating visual effect providing an impression of motion. This approach, which gives the paint quality a constant priority, considers the typical texture-surface study as the primary problem. Orhon, himself, said that his works convey the effects of a mystical stillness originating from the Eastern philosophers. On the other hand, he adds that this is replaced with a mood of tension, nervousness and excitement and emotional determinants become effective in some compositions he has performed in Turkey.

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