Mehmet Güleryüz


Untitled – Oil on Canvas

Mehmet Güleryüz / 1938 Istanbul

In 1966 Güleryüz graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. He mainly worked on painting and printmaking in Paris. Having lived in New York and Brussels for a while, he concentrated his works in Istanbul (from 1985 on). He has a privileged place in the tradition of Turkish figurative painting with his works of a satirical nature. He visualizes contemporary models of thought and behavior in an Expressionist style that also shows a humorous approach. In the 1980s he emphasized the figure in his works, reflecting a neo-expressionist understanding, and later on started to present it with a tough irony while, from time to time, identifying it with animal images. As can be seen in his sample works, he completes his paintings with improvisations involving intensive and dynamic color application. In his designs, the traces of a unique and dissident attitude overlap with a partly satirical humor that is wielded with the same decisive and sensational style.

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