Komet (Gürkan Çoşkun)


Untitled – Oil on Canvas

Komet (Gürkan Coşkun) / 1941 Çorum

After graduating from İstanbul State Academy of Fine Arts in 1967, Gürkan Coşkun got his proficiency in Paris. He still works both in İstanbul and Paris. Coşkun is widely known by his nickname “Komet”. Komet has a special style: the “Fantastic Realism” that is not very common in Turkish painting. He depicts the figurative elements in the difficulty of communication within the framework of a black aesthetic. The depiction of an entirely imaginary atmosphere is full of strange, weird and odd signs. The basic problem of modern man, lack of communication, is represented with lonely and alienated silhouettes in Komet’s paintings. In this work dated 1991-1992 and named “Untitled”, Komet’s subtle and sensitive expressionist attitude making references to melancholy bears the traces of “new-romantic sensation” presented as a value of our day. In Komet’s works shaped in the framework of the “new-figuration”, we can easily see that a critical pattern including “humour” successfully corresponds to a self-complementary expressive approach.

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