İbrahim Çallı


Under the Plane Tree – Oil on Plywood

İbrahim Çallı / 1882 Çal – 1960 Istanbul

In 1910, Çallı graduated from Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi Alisi (The Academy of Fine Arts) with a first-class honor degree. He worked at Fernand P. Cormon’s Studio in Paris. On his return from Paris in 1914, he was appointed to Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi Alisi as an assistant to Salvatore Valéri. İbrahim Çallı leads those artists who began the process of inclining towards civil subject matter in Turkish painting, and displays an “Impressionist comment” technique which also evokes “academic realism”. The artist takes a painting /shaping approach which is transformed into an exuberant narration through intense concentration, and enriches this attitude with the dimension of internality that he has achieved. In particular through skillful use of white, he creates a permanent visual effect that conjures up the harmony of the cold colors. The structural strength of the figure-space relations and the scrutinizing analytical gaze often make him seem to contradict the Impressionist principles. In fact, the perception reminiscent of Cézanne, searches for a planned narrative that evokes the concept of structuralism, or the character analysis that is reflected in the portraits and transformed into style with an extraordinarily facility, all unite the audience with a painting that is always refreshing itself freely.

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