Erol Akyavaş


Locus of Extremity – Oil and Silver Leaf on Canvas

Erol Akyavaş / 1932 Istanbul – 1999 Istanbul

In the early 1950s Akyavaş worked on painting in Fernand Leger’s and Andre Lhote’s Studios in France. In 1954, he went to the USA and studied architecture in Chicago. He settled in New York in 1967.

Erol Akyavaş, interested in the values of Eastern art in the 1960s, draws the attention of the world of art with his paintings featuring unusual perspective arrangements. He carries Matrakçı Nasuh’s aesthetic conception of the bird’s eye view, which Nasuh revealed in the miniatures of “Sefername” (Travel Book), into surreal compositions. These paintings, which are a reflection of strange, tense and surreal effects including architectural elements, achieve their uniqueness by blending in content based on philosophy of religion. Since the 1980s, Akyavaş’s art, which establishes and develops its aesthetic space and depth through a certain symbolic language in the context of Islamic thought (sufism), has produced magnificent compositions with abstract and schematic elements along a line focusing on discussions of common virtue and faith.

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