Ali Rıza Bayezit


İstanbul, Karaköy, Bosphorus- Oil on Hardboard

Ali Rıza Bayezit / 1883 İstanbul – 1964 İstanbul

Ali Rıza Bayezit graduated from the Military Academy in 1907. Bayezit, who had the chance to improve his ability to paint without enrolling in the Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi Alisi (the Academy of Fine Arts), is considered to be one of the last representatives of Turkish military painters. He is a highly successful interpreter of the luminous atmospheric and desolate landscape paintings expressed with transparent and bright colours. The dimensions of his interpretation captured in the landscapes depicting the Bosphorus are remarkable. He paints the colour effects of the sea in the sunset or dawn glow with an emotional expressionism. His paintings, which are dominated by an approach attaching importance to the provision of general integrity, also in the details include visual depictions and analyses that come close to naivety. However, an impressionist interpretation becomes prominent as an explicit style in the painter’s later works.

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