Adnan Çoker


Towards the Sphere- Acrylic on Canvas

Adnan Çoker / 1927 İstanbul

Adnan Çoker graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts in 1951 and he went to Paris on a state scholarship. He worked at the Academy of Fine Arts, to which he was assigned in 1960, until his retirement in 1995. He still lives in İstanbul. Adnan Çoker is one of the living masters of Contemporary Turkish Painting. With a modernist perception, Adnan Çoker produces effective richly sourced compositions incorporating abstract and geometric arrangements according to his own rules. Çoker, who questioned the possibilities of a dynamic-enthusiastic painting within the scope of a conveyance referring to abstract-expressionism and giving credit to spontaneity in the 1960s, switched to a new period that emphasized the concept of “depth” and embodied this within a minimal aesthetic conception. In this period in which “transitive space” is controlled, it is observed that the painter has experienced compositions with the dominant conceptual qualities that value the absolutely balanced structure line with the principles of a geometric abstract approach. The certain thematic sequences formed during this production process perpetuating the idea of “unlimited space” have continued in the form of periodic distinctions until today.

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